ALTEK Custom Painting and Finishing


Exceeding Challenges Every Day

The entire team is always looking for better ways to exceed our customers’ needs. We continually challenge the status quo, as making great products requires us to do so.

ALTEK offers many value-added custom finishing services – the final touches that turn components into customer-ready products. You can get all of these post production services from ALTEK and eliminate the headaches of dealing with multiple suppliers.

Painting and Finishing Services

Services for Every Stage

  • Class A Painting: Custom Colors; Base Coating, Clear Coating, and Texturing
  • Aerospace Specification Painting
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Multi-Color Pad Printing and Part Marking
  • Heat Transfer Stamping and Heat Staking
  • Metal Polishing and Finishing
  • Plating and anodizing
  • Vacuum Metallization
  • Silk Screening


ALTEK Custom Painting and Finishing Video

Painting and EMI/RFI Shielding

Accurate and Efficient Painting

Painting and EMI/RFI shielding are among the most valued secondary services we provide to our customers. Our professional painters are armed with the most advanced equipment needed to perform the comprehensive painting services offered at ALTEK. Because our painting, printing, injection molding, and machining services are all within the same location, we ensure accuracy, efficiency and eliminate the extra lead-time associated with using separate facilities. Our custom painting capabilities and services include:

  • Surface Prep and Paint for Structural Foam Molding
  • Innovative Masking Techniques
  • Clean-Room Painting
  • High Gloss Automotive Painting
  • Water Base Painting
  • Soft Touch Painting

ALTEK Pad Printing

Custom Printing Machines

ALTEK utilizes single and multi-color pad-printing machines for ink transfer of custom images to plastic and metallic surfaces. This process allows image printing over irregular surfaces and produces greater image clarity, sharpness, chemical, and abrasion resistance than traditional hot stamping. We can produce multi-colored logos and images from many graphic artwork formats in any color.