Small Batch and Cost Benefits

ALTEK incorporates a variety of metal CNC machining services for configure-to-order work cells. We can quickly produce a broad range of machined parts with varying requirements. Customers benefit from reduced inventory costs and the luxury of placing lower volume orders for small batch, mixed lot production.

Flexibility and Adaptiveness

ALTEK Manufacturing is prepared to meet even the most demanding precision machining needs with a full-service machining shop that operates 24-hours a day. Our horizontal milling centers are linked to a flexible manufacturing system (FMS); multiple automated linear pallets giving us the flexibility to adapt to specific scheduling requirements. Repetitive setups are eliminated and jobs are automatically staged while the machines are running. Our customers benefit from increased productivity and end product consistency, as well as a reduction in lead times with ALTEK precision machining services.

Whether your precision machining services include turning, CNC milling, or screw machining, ALTEK incorporates full production capabilities into our linear precision machining process providing cost optimization, flexibility and faster delivery.

Precision Machining Technology

Flexible Manufacturing System

  • High speed horizontal milling centers interconnected by multiple pallet shuttle system
  • Changeover time automated to minutes, allowing for shorter lead-times
  • Small batch, mixed lot production
  • Lights out production
  • Automated redundant tooling and tool-wear offset adjustments

CNC Turning:

  • CNC lathes
  • Multi-Plex dual spindle with twin turret and live tooling
  • Nexus dual spindle with Y-axis and live tooling
  • Swiss Screw Machines with multi-axis and turrets, with live tooling

CNC Milling:

  • CNC vertical milling machine
  • 4th-Axis CNC milling capabilities

Work Cells:

  • Combine CNC mills, lathes and secondary equipment into one work unit
  • Single piece flow between metal machining operations
  • Improved productivity
  • Shorter lead times
  • Increased quality


ALTEK Precision Machining Services Video