Altek Services


Communication and Efficiency

ALTEK offers engineering and value-added secondary services that others just can’t provide. Engineering is a valued added service because ALTEK wants to be a long term partner and because effective design for manufacturing evaluation benefits everyone. The price of the finished product is at a lower cost because of the communication and planning your company receives by having a single-source vendor like ALTEK.


Technology and Product Design

As an ALTEK client you can take advantage of our years of manufacturing expertise and receive a Design for Manufacturing review on your product and/or assemblies. ALTEK will help you define the appropriate technology for your product design, identify areas for improvement, and discuss any opportunities to reduce labor and material costs in the design phase before the real costs of manufacturing.


ALTEK's engineering team provides a wealth of knowledge about manufacturing processes and material options; you will consider them a trusted resource once you have worked with them. Accurate cost analysis comes from having detailed drawings and our team can work with a variety of formats:

  • STEP
  • SAT
  • IGES
  • SolidWorks
  • Kubotek KeyCreator
  • UG
  • ProE
  • Catia
  • Parasolids 


Internal Systems Flexibility

Our flexible manufacturing capabilities are complimented by accurate and, in some instances, automated inventory management. ALTEK's internal systems can handle a variety of different inventory and demand scenarios. We are happy to manufacture to your forecast, release to your demand, even monitor your ERP system and automatically generate new jobs at reorder points. This brings your parts and components to your dock without the touch points required with multiple vendors.